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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 and operates without a central authority, which means it is not produced or sanctioned by banks or governments, and therefore has no ties to national currencies. The transactions are conducted with Bitcoins are made collectively on the Internet, which means that transfers of Bitcoins can be made, nationally or internationally, transferring amounts between two devices without going through a bank or institution that mediates the transaction.

Basically, a user who wants to start using Bitcoin should be done in a special virtual purse or wallet for Bitcoins, which is software that you install on your computer or on your mobile (can get one on the official page of Bitcoin). This wallet generates a unique and specific to you address, you'll need it if you want to share transactions. Each wallet has a private key (created with cryptographic algorithms), which is used to make digital signatures and verifying identity and prevent alterations to the transactions are made.

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Mining is a distributed system that is used to confirm transactions and include blockchain, maintaining a chronological order and distributed process in various computer equipment. Part of what makes this system is to implement multiple levels of security that prevent the manipulation or alteration of the transactions carried out.

Bitcoins transactions are verified using a shared public registry, called blockchain, which keeps absolutely all transactions are made, without exception.

What I can buy with Bitcoins?

Since August 2014 many companies decided they began to accept Bitcoins. Some are NewEgg, Dell, Overstock, Zynga and TigerDirect. If you want to donate some money, Wikimedia, Greenpeace and Mozilla Foundation are accepting Bitcoins if you want to help.